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Friday, August 23, 2013


There is a fine line between arrogance and confidence especially in the creative world. Art is
Photo taken by R. Hosking, Mexico
extremely subjective so what may be a masterpiece to you may not be felt by others. But having said that I'm challenging all you creative types to let go and start believing in yourself. 

There is one thing to be humble, and I feel confidently that humbleness is best shown when you are able to always have an open mind to new things and experiences. Once we believe we have learned it all and reached the top then we are cheating ourselves from new skills and that leaves us vulnerable for arrogance to rear its ugly face. 

However, be confident in what you do know. There is nothing more attracting than some one who exudes confidence in a humble way. These are emotions that cannot be faked and for the most part are often personality traits. But as I have said before everything is a learned skill and we can retrain our brains to open itself to new discoveries. 

Sometimes when I cannot think of something to write, I go for a jog to distract my brain in order to tease it into thinking of something different, it always works. I am no runner by any stretch of the word however, if I was closed off to that skill I may not have been able to improve the skills that I'm well versed in at the moment.  We improve and learn everyday do not miss out on opportunities for growth.

All things are interconnected no matter how big or small. Our creativity is generated by the things that surround us. Always believe if you cannot do something today in time you will learn. Believe that you have natural given talents that if honed they can be something great and unique. Believe in yourself because there is always a time when others will not. Thrive off criticism as constructive not defensively. Absolutely listen closely when someone says you do not have what it takes. These words are the best words anyone could hear, because for me, when it is said, it simply makes me try even harder.

If you cannot believe in yourself it makes it difficult for anyone else to get on board. No one promotes you better than you, don't be afraid of saying graciously who you are and what you do, and always be open minded to those who can help along the way. 

Friday, August 9, 2013

Change a Thought to Make a Change

Negativity can hinder our creative selves. Studies show we are living in a time where incivility
in our society is on the rise. When 95% of Americans think we have a civility problem, those percentages are staggering and serves only to destroy the inspiration to create a positive environment. 

You do not have to be an artist to benefit from creativity in the workforce or everyday living. All walks of life can use creative outlets to better their work environments and in return make positive changes in our lives as a whole.

Thinking outside of the box while living in a society with an evident crisis is crucial to making changes for the better. An eye for an eye attitude is only aggravating our situation and creating a vicious cycle of violence and resentment.
Someone soon needs to be the one voice that is willing to make a difference. We are in desperate need for that person or people, willing to rise above and be the bigger man. Stop the cycle of madness and trying to change someone's mind to suit your own. We can learn from each other if we shut up and listen instead of interrupting and arguing. Cruel behavior has become an accepted reality that should never be acceptable. 

Recognizing the difference between opinions and facts is an excellent start. Cutting out certain elements of the truth to create a new truth is what I call a lie. These creative lies are paraded in our news and media as truth. We live in an age of technology but our intelligence is being stifled by volumes and volumes of lies and ignorance. We need to use the technology to serve us, through integrity and creative intuitiveness. 

Some view fighting back and raising arms as their sign of displaying their strength. It takes a stronger heart to walk away or stand by and take the abuse until it ends. Creatively speaking it seems likely to me that most aggressors thrive on reaction of others, they will soon tire and find another victim if you choose not to fight back. If all their victims fall short on presenting a fight soon they have nothing left to argue and silence falls across the land.

That may be my imaginative heart running away with me, but it doesn't seem completely impossible, does it?

It is more difficult to be polite these days than it is to be cruel. When did the tables turn and being bad was appropriate and being good was a sign of weakness and failure. Our societal moral values have changed and need desperately to be revised.

Being polite feels good, when a stranger smiles at me on the street I have a compulsion to smile back instantly. It is proven any act is always reciprocated by a similar reaction. We have a responsibility and it takes a village. Lets start putting more beauty into the world, through our actions, artistry and psyche.

It takes a willingness to change a thought in order to make a change. Let's get creative and put our heads together to find new ways to inspire positivity.