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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

There are Angels Among Us Always

The year of 2014 has been life changing for me. Many very rough moments that happened this past year that I thought I would never recover from as it all unfolded. But as the old saying goes, that which does not kill us only serves to make us stronger.

I do not want to dwell on the moments that brought tears but I want to reflect on those chance happenings that changed everything for the better. I believe we all have angels looking over us encouraging us to try new and exciting things. Influencing us in ways, if we are only open to the signs.

I had many angels this year that affected me in ways they may never truly understand. My first angel I met many years ago,  Eva Shaw opened a lot doors for me in the writing world. She has been a mentor over the years and this year, our relationship became so much more. She had helped me grow as a writer and our relationship also helped me grow as a person as well. I will forever be grateful for the lessons I have learned that she so patiently allowed to be revealed. She not only is a mentor but she has become a friend that will always have a special place in my heart.

Then there was a woman I met at the beginning of 2014 who sings like an angel named Rebecca Newman. She had shown an act of kindness by a chance happening of introducing me and my music to her fans called the Newmaneers. I joined her fan page as I had never been a fan of classical music until I listened to her sing. Her voice is an instrument of its own and I was in awe of her talent and even more impressed by the love of her fans. I had never witnessed such admiration for anyone, like the Newmaneers had shown her. I thought anyone that received as much respect as she was given not only had an obvious talent but a generous heart as well; it was an honor to be a part of something that was so much bigger than simply a fan page.

She was in a contest called Artist Signal and won the month of February. I had joined the contest many months prior to meeting her but never really understood that a win could be a possibility until witnessing her hard work. I started paying attention and making friends within her group and I eventually had the honor of a gentleman creating a fan page for me, Kevin Wrapson created a page that eventually soon became what we now know as the Hoskettes. He joined forces with Robert Scullen and I had started with 34 members that generously came from the Newmaneers. Many said they never listened or cared for country music until Rebecca had told them to listen to me. Thank you Rebecca Newman for giving me that chance.
I had the good fortune to be able to do a tour in the Northeast with a good friend Renee Wahl. We had a great show in Philly that Jennifer Logue had set up for me at Milk Boy. It was a great crowd and I was also able to meet my friend Andy Whatt face to face as he made the journey from DC to come see me.

Renee and I then journeyed to NYC. I had wanted to play in that city my whole life. Unfortunately it did not turn out as good as Philly, however it was where I met the very talented Micheal Castaldo. He was the only person who said he would come to my show who actually showed up. He not only came to the gig, he proceeded to show Renee and I around Little Italy afterwards and bought us dinner. After my car breaking down and learning of limited time left with my brother and wasting time on a rough gig in NYC; he gave a pleasant ending to an extremely rough day, yet another angel here on earth.

We had to cut the tour short and head back home. I was able to spend some unforgettable moments with my brother that I will cherish until we meet again. He is now with my Mother and I am blessed with angels in heaven as well as on earth.

The Hoskettes are now 183 members strong and we have gained members from all over the world. I have had the good fortune of meeting and joining forces with Ashei and through them I met and befriended Sonja Garard who allowed me to become a member of The Pack. I also met Into The East and became friends with Liv McBride. I also soon met the leader of the Pack, Wolf Man who then took me under his wing and did many radio interviews with me and I eventually made the top ten most requested on Fame Music Radio hosted by Georg Hegelmann out of Johannesburg, SA. These acquaintances have quickly become life long friends I will cherish always. 

I have had a very successful year with my release, My Soul is Already Sold, produced by Scott Neubert. My first release with him since Love and Other Disasters. I have made several cuts on TV and films from songs on this CD, being featured on, The Lost Girl, Bizarre Foods of America, also featured on Delta Airlines, Smithsonian Channel and many more.  Scott and I are finishing up my latest release, A Few Broken Pieces which should be out literally within weeks. We make a good team and I appreciate him always believing in me and helping me make my musical aspirations a reality. He is a God send to say the least.

There are so many others I have not mentioned and you all know who you are, that have impacted me in one way or another. You never really fully realize or appreciate how blessed you are until you sit and count your blessings. There are so many angels that have been there for me through thick and thin. I have been blessed 10 times fold and will never know what I have done to deserve such love.

I will be closing the year with a win on Artist Signal, ironically ending the year basically how it began; with angels looking after me and changing my life forever.