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Sunday, April 29, 2018

A Short Season

To Georg, with love!

Some people come into your life for a reason and some for a season. I always liked that saying because it is so honest. I had a friend, Georg Hegelmann he came into my life with drive and purpose. We had met through Russ Williams at a time I was working hard to win a competition. It was a grueling couple of months, and I got through it with the help of my friends. Georg, played my music, created commercials to advertise and request for votes; he and Wolfie were a massive part of my success. Georg would even vote to download the songs I had listed as rewards. He wouldn't let me send them; he said he was willing to work for it. I won December of 2014. We celebrated new years eve together on Fame Music Radio it was the start of strangers becoming dear friends. It was a packed house on The Pack Show and was one hell of a party!

The Pack Show aired every Friday night, and it became a ritual for me, the thing to do every week and Me and Mr. cheek Hegelmann would banter back and forth, and Wolfie would play mediator while Helen would be posting angry birds in my defense on Facebook. Every shot given to each other was presented with the utmost love and giggle behind the scenes. Georg was a shock jock, and he did his job well.

And then there was the behind the scenes, the part so many did not see, the love he gave, the laughter shared. The hours of us talking via Skype, fixing the world's problems if only people would listen...jejeje

And how could I ever forget, “Georg, turn the music down? I can't hear myself think?”

And his cheeky response, “It can't be loud, if I turn it down any lower it will be off!”

Still makes me giggle to this day.

More behind the scenes no one else saw was all the time's life had taken its toll, and we would chat for hours on instant messenger, and he would not stop until he knew he had cheered me up. He leaned on me a few times as well we got to know each other, and he was easy to talk to and a great listener with sound advice.

Not only was he a friend to me but he introduced me to so many other people that became close, genuine friends, still to this day, we remain connected. The family keeps growing and it all started from Georg and his partner in crime Russ, aka Wolfman!

A friend like that is one easily taken for granted, and God love him if I ever forgot to say thank you and I love you, please dear Lord tell him now. He left behind an entire community of grieving, broken hearts. This kind of fall for us is one that will hurt and leave a mark that may never go away. I want to believe it is all a bad dream, I will wake up and brush that one off. Chat with him and say, man, you would not believe what happened to me today!

Unfortunately, the harsh reality is I lost a dear friend. He was so many things to so many people. For me he will always be that cheeky Georg, that kept me on my toes, made me laugh, and now making me cry.

Georg you were put in my life for a sure reason, the sad truth is only for just a short season. Rest in Peace, will love you always!