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Friday, April 18, 2014

The Importance of Self Evaluation

Have you ever been on that journey, trying to find yourself
Salvador Dali
I am pretty sure most of us have, especially us creative types. We do tend to dig a little deeper in order to delve into depths of emotions most people choose to bury. These emotions are the catalyst to our art. In other people's lives they go to work, come home and spend time with family on the weekends and have created a routine that works very well. To stray from the routine is usually cumbersome, we all are creatures of habit

Although regimen and structure can be very beneficial if you are like me, I get bored quickly and need to keep things interesting or else I tend to get myself into little messes. The details of those messes is for another post altogether.

The world around us is forever changing even if we continue on our same path, everyday is a new day. I think we should always redefine who we are and what is important to keep up with the changes. I believe you should be unapologetic for changing your mind. You may feel one moment one way and the next moment completely different, especially if you keep your mind open to new ideas and different opinions.

I can only speak for myself and I know that I play many different roles in any given day and I act accordingly. I work in the corporate world and I behave as such, when I'm on stage, I'm a different person. I can be a writer, a friend, a daughter, a sister, whatever role I am, each is deserving of its own reaction and personality.

Stagnated ruts can quickly kill our creativity. Force yourself outside of your comfort zone daily. It is a sure fire way to learn your flaws and improve and build strengths where you were weak. Not only does it spill into our work but it makes us more well rounded individuals.  

I have a plethora of personal flaws that hold me back if I succumb to them and give them strength. But, you cannot fix something until you know what is broken, you have to view yourself with an extremely crucial and judgmental eye. If you are honest with yourself, you will see the good and embrace it and feel compelled to fix the bad. Once the bad is revealed it is your responsibility to make the change. Try not to justify, simply accept that it needs to be addressed.

For most of us it is difficult to view ourselves objectively. I find a good rule of thumb is to pay close attention to the insults you put towards others, often times if you spot it, you got it. Keep it to yourself, you do not have to air your dirty laundry, I'm simply giving you a way to gauge honestly. If you think to yourself, I am fine, it’s the rest of the world that is crazy; there is some truth in that, but you are still a part of that crazy world. Trust me don't be embarrassed I have said that many times and genuinely believed the statement.  

To ask someone to define who they are, I think is an impossibility unless you ask, who are you at this moment? It is easy to say here I am, take it or leave it, and be okay when someone decides to leave it. But if we really evaluate why that person decided to leave, and in all honesty try to improve on that flaw then maybe next time you will make a better companion.

This works in every aspect of our lives, be it creative or not, be critical and decide to always change for the better. It is human nature to be mad and offensive, but try not to even waste a moment with all that nonsense. After all, think about how many times someone said something and it made you angry, then later when by yourself in a quiet room, you thought more rationally that maybe they did have a point.

You have to start by loving yourself, I believe when we reach a point of comfort in ourselves it is easier for us to be happy and put good back into the world. Viewing people and things negatively is a reflection of you and who you are, do you want to be that person, if not, the only solution is to stop.

I'm still learning how to love myself, I beg your pardon while I'm on my journey and thank you to all of those people, who have been a shining example of who I want to be.  

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

To Post or Not to Post?

To post or not to post, that is the question? I get several arguments from other musicians saying it drives them crazy when people post so often about shows and upcoming events. I have to ask why is it so bothersome? If it does not interest you simply do not follow the posts. I work it, because it works. 

I accept all friend requests and yes I have some family members and friends who are not interested in hearing every step I make in my endeavors and have blocked me; fair enough no hard feelings. But for all those wonderful new fans who eagerly visit my page every single day, this one is for you and thank you for your genuine interest in my career.

For the few people who block your page, you will gain so many more friends who start out as strangers and become loyal life time friends and fans from across the globe. I am speaking from real life experience. If you are working from ground zero this is the best time to start. There is nothing more exciting than following an upcoming artist from nothing into something really big. 

I have been working on building my fan base one fan at a time and the journey has been time consuming, but worth each individual who has reached out to me with wonderful accolades on how they feel about my art. People do not like helping strangers. Get to know the ones that can help you and when they learn who you are and that you are worthy of their time, they will help, because now you are friends.

I say post away all my unknown friends and thank you for following me and my posts about my music and my freelance work. I'm happy to help advertise for you as long as you keep coming back for more. I had the pleasure of shadowing a young woman who is an amazing classical performer, Rebecca Newman. She took me under her wing and showed me the ropes, I'll forever be grateful for the knowledge she shared.

We became friends and she introduced me to her fan club the Newmaneers. I got to know many of them through this exchange and eventually, I was made an honoree Newmaneer and can not be more proud. I have sold countless cd's, I have been added to countless radio shows and currently working on a tour in the UK and so many other benefits I have gained from simply making a friend. Thank you all so very much. I say thank you right here on my blog, as I can guarantee they are most likely reading this post right now.

I have to encourage all my other musician friends who think it is bothersome and do not post anything at all. Well, how does anyone know if you are any good if they do not know you exist? Take a chance and get it out there, no one should be above a shameless plug here and there, so let people know what you are up to, if they like what they hear or see they will support you in return. 

All you freelancers out there know as well as I do, sadly it’s a numbers game and it has always been, who you know, verses what you know; even before Facebook or MySpace existed. Popularity has always been the defining factor of success in most all cases. Even Taylor Swift and Mylie Cyrus would not be known names had it not been for their relentless networking. 

Build those numbers and thank your fans by showing them what you got and they will be very appreciative and continue to give their support. Do not be afraid to give things away for free to those loyal ones because those are the ones who put their money where their mouth is, time and time again.

Twitter is my media of choice as it is quick and to the point and designed to reach much larger numbers. Do not put all your eggs in one basket however, hit them all and try to give as much time as possible to each person who finds you and shares your link with more friends. 

I know we have become quite the narcissistic society with all these social media pages. But, can we at least examine the favorable benefits these networks do provide. Especially for us creative types whose livelihood solely depends on the attention of the unknown public.

I want to encourage everyone in the promotion realms get out there and network online as well as face to face. Life is a contact sport, start living and sharing with others and no matter what you do in life always treat each other with love and respect, no exceptions.

The next time you ask yourself to post or not to post???? No one sees it if you do not, and potential, countless, nameless faces soon become life long friends if you do. The beauty of meeting someone on a different continent and the things we can learn from each other is a valuable tool. Get out there and make some friends, if you get blocked once or twice, oh well, you can never reach them all, but the ones you do reach, makes it all worth it. Nothing gained, nothing lost what are you waiting for, if you chose to block me, well then you never saw this anyway. :o) 


Paz y amor por todo, siempre!