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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

Photo taken by R. Hosking
The holiday season is quickly moving in upon us. I personally love this time of the year. From Halloween on, I enjoy decorating my house, watching the leaves change colors all around me, feeling the cool air as it changes before my eyes.

I have not posted in awhile because I have been busy with tour dates, writing, my day job and all the grinds we all deal with daily. For me my schedule is always the busiest the first part of the year and by October I'm wrapping things up and looking forward to a couple months reprieve during the holiday season. This is when I start booking shows for the following spring and summer, promote my music and submit for different opportunities, I guess our jobs are never done.

However, reflection is a huge part of a creative person's life. I always say write what you know, but if you miss out on living then there simply is not a lot to write about. This time of the year feeds me and helps me prepare for the next season to come. I enjoy catching up with friends and family I was unable to see during the busy times.

This year has been quite a year for me. I have had numerous opportunities in TV/Films for my songs and my career is really starting to move. I have been truly blessed. I also recently bought a new home that I am so very proud of, I never realized four walls could make a girl so happy. It is my sanctuary and I truly admire my little corner of the world. It feeds me in so many creative ways; I do bleieve these walls could be my muse. I am always grateful to my muse and love to give back through my art.

From my house to yours, Happy Halloween :o)
I want to wish everyone a Happy and safe Halloween. I am hoping to start back on posting more regularly during these slower months. I do hope you enjoy the read, if so please stop by, say hi and share my blog with your friends and family.