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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Charity Begins With Creativity

Our creativity is a gift from our higher power. The way we repay that gift is by using it for the greater good. The whole part of being a creative person is to think of new, out side of the box, ideas to help pay it forward. We all have had to work hard to get to where we wanted or to achieve the goals we set for ourselves. Nothing worth fighting for is ever achieved without a fight. Along the way someone had helped us, we are never alone and as I said before we are all in this together. 

Often times we take our gifts for granted, maybe certain things come easier for one person than the other. Working as a team can help build us up where we fall weak. Charity works the exact same way. I always say give when you can because you never know, there may be a time when you will be the one in need.  

As an independent musician I am always thinking of ways to get my songs out there and heard. There are organizations that love to promote musicians. You can team up with them give half of your money earned to the organization half for yourself all the while you are getting heard and their getting help. It is a win win.  

I chose to give my money to an organization called, World Vision please visit their page and donate where you see fit. There has been so much destruction with all the tornadoes, they are working feverishly to get aid to the regions in need. I'm proud to be a small part of their organization and I love them for what they do.

Charity or creativity does not end or begin with money alone. I know it makes the world go around but there are so many other ways to give with out spending one dime. Time is a great way to give back. Same as creativity, you were given a gift however you had to put in the time to hone it and make it your own. Younger like minds are a wonderful place to start. Help shape and mold their ideas so they can build a foundation to improve their crafts. Sitting down with the elderly and playing crossword puzzles together, or reading to a youngster. None of these are selfless deeds you get so much in return yourself simply by giving your time. 

My point is receiving can be rewarding, do not get me wrong, but giving is as rewarding if not more. I think charity begins with creativity because how many times have I read something that moved me, or heard a song on the radio that changed my bad mood into a good one. These are all small gifts that someone used their creativity to give back to the world what they once received themselves. I say, "small gifts" only because there is not a word in the dictionary that can describe how a little effort can make such a HUGE impact.