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Thursday, December 28, 2017

New Year, New Beginnings

Where do I start when reflecting on this past year. The highlight for me was finishing my 6th studio
Last performance of the 2017 UK Tour
recorded CD, SEESAW, with longtime friend and producer, Scott Neubert. I was very proud of this CD, and I took it out on the road for another UK tour. I spent five months bouncing from one corner of the UK to another, I performed over 50 dates, hit several radio stations, charted and met new friends and my UK family keeps growing bigger and bigger. Sharing the stage with Ruzz Evans and Dave Willmott and a few others I met along the way was an experience I will carry in my memories forever. A true honour playing with so many incredible musicians.

I was able to catch the attention of a publisher here in Nashville, Merf Music and they have been golden as far as working it for me and getting my songs heard and placed. Still working with APM out of LA and One Night Stand Music out of the UK. In recent months I was picked up by a management company, Dalyce Entertainment. Together we are working on exciting opportunities for 2018.

I was considered, again in four categories of the Grammys and did not get the nomination, and my fans picked me up and celebrated my music anyway. You cannot know what that meant to me.

As a member of The Recording Academy, I decided to become a district advocate and fight for copyright reform. I have been heartbroken at witnessing the injustices an artist is faced with in this changing age of technology. So many benefitting from our work except for the creators themselves. We made some strides but there is still much work to be done.

We share in the success, and you lift me up in my failures. Life is indeed a roller coaster of ups and downs. The lessons I've learned and blessings I have taken away on the journey feeds my muse and keeps me moving onwards and upwards. I could not do it alone, and I get by with the help of my friends.

Now another new and exciting year is upon us and I want to extend my love and best wishes for all of you. Looking forward to what 2018 has in store for us. The journey is boundless, and the love will see us through. Every year I make new goals and as I reach each one I get closer and closer to making all my dreams a reality. I could not get there without the support of my fans that quickly became friends and now family. This journey has been hard at times, but with so many seeing me through each challenge makes my blessings countless. 

I know I say it often and I hope it does not diminish the meaning, I cannot be me without all of you, Thank you for helping me keep my dreams alive!

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